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Spring into Summer Strength + Speed Program.

Are you stuck in a long slow distance training rut? Are you looking to kick your speed up a notch?  The default for many athletes is to do more. More speed work, more volume. This can be helpful IF your body can take it.

There are other ways to break through a speed plateau that can also help make you a stronger, more durable runner.

Strength work, plyometrics, drills, agility work + training that top end (VO2 max) with short hard intervals are all great ways to do this.

All of these things are addressed in the Spring into Summer Program

What is the Spring Into Summer Program? It’s a 6 week hybrid program that focuses on training top end speed, agility and power.

As endurance athletes, our primary focus is often on that zone two endurance work with some zone 3 + zone 4 work sprinkled in here and there. Very rarely do we spend time working at that top end (zone 5+ or VO2 max). If you want to see improvements or prevent stagnation, it’s important to incorporate this type of work into your program at some point in your year. Especially if you are a marathoner or an Ironman athlete.

The Importance of VO2 Max Training:

Training VO2 max helps increase oxygen uptake and improve the efficiency of oxygen utilization by the muscles, leading to better overall endurance performance. VO2 max is also one of the main predictors of longevity. So train the top end to help bring up the bottom end.

The Importance of Agility Training:

Endurance athletes move in one direction - forward. When we are asked to move in other directions, especially suddenly, that can be a recipe for injury. Agility training can improve movement efficiency and biomechanics. By honing agility skills, athletes become more adept at transitioning between different movement patterns, such as changing direction quickly or navigating obstacles. This enhanced movement efficiency can translate to improved performance during endurance events, where agility may be required to negotiate technical terrain or respond to changes in pace.  It also introduces variety of movement patterns that target different muscle groups. This can help prevent overuse injuries. Being able to move well in all directions makes for a stronger, more resilient athlete.

The Importance of Training for Power:

Power training can help develop better movement quality, muscle strength, coordination and explosiveness.  This can lead to improvements in biomechanics. When you improve on our biomechanics, you improve you movement efficiency. When you improve your efficiency, you improve your performance.

What's included in the program?

2 in person sessions, 2 virtual sessions, a 6 week run faster training plan, a 6 week strength plan and a nutrition / menu plan

Key Dates:

Monday May 27- Kick off Zoom

Thursday May 30- In person part 1 (West end Toronto location TBC)

Monday June 10- Nutrition Zoom

Thursday June 27th- In person part 2 (East end, Riverdale Park)

If you can't do the in person dates, we offer an online only option too!


Early bird fee - $250+HST  until May 1st

Regular fee- $325+HST

Online only- Save $100

Link to register is here

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