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Training camps+Group Coaching


Join myself and Coach Tara Postnikoff of HEAL in beautiful Mont Tremblant, Quebec for not one but TWO weekends of swimming, cycling and running. 

Weekend One (early June) 70.3 Race Focus.  This weekend is geared towards people racing Mont Tremblant 70.3 or Muskoka 70.3.  


Sample Itinerary:


9:00 am:  Meet + greet + Course overview

10:00 am: 2 hour ride

3:00 pm:  Seminar: Nutrition, course review, racing strategy + mobility session


8:00 am: Supported ride on the Tremblant course (90-100 km) + 5-10 km ROTB

3:00 pm:  Tentative swim (weather dependant)

6:00 pm: Potluck dinner 


8:00 am: 2 hour on course run

10:30 am: debrief + coffee 

11:30 am: tentative swim (weather dependant)

Weekend Two (mid June) Explore Tremblant:  Something a little different!  This is a high volume weekend of riding, focused on taking advantage of some of the beautiful roads that the Tremblant area has to offer.

Sample Itinerary:


9:00 am: Meet + Greet, course overview + endurance nutrition

10:00 am: 2.5 hour moderate effort ride + tentative post ride swim (weather dependant)


8:00 am: Long Ride (5-ish hours 120-140 km) + optional ROTB


8:00 am:  Hills focus / intensity (3 hour moderately hard to hard effort), post ride mobility + open water swim (weather dependant)

5:00 pm: Potluck dinner 


8:00 am: 90 minute recovery ride + coffee + camp debrief

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