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Training as a Female Masters Endurance Athlete

If you are over 45 and have been training for a while, you will likely have noticed some unwelcome changes in your body and your performance. You can thank your hormones for that. Perimenopause and menopause can be difficult times for endurance athletes. Many women experience unwanted weight gain. A good nights sleep becomes harder and harder to come by. We start to lose strength, muscle mass and speed. That in turn can affect your mojo / desire to continue in your chosen sport. Yup, menopause is a mind fuck. But, thankfully there has been lot of recent research into how we can mitigate some of these changes.

Join Coach Tara Postnikoff and I as we guide you through how your training should change as a masters athlete. This new online clinic (with one in person session) will provide you with strategies to help you thrive as a masters athlete. We're covering endurance training principles, strength protocols as well as discussions on how to optimize sleep, recovery, and nutrition.

It all starts with a Zoom kick off call on Monday October 2nd, followed by an in person strength session on Oct 22 and a wrap up Zoom on Nov 13th. In between that you'll have access to 7 different modules as well as an online community experience.

This NEW clinic is like the next level of HEAL’s Nutrition Reset program and my Strength for Endurance program merged together with a special twist and emphasis on training as female endurance athletes. Limited to 15 participants and early bird pricing in effect until August 15th.

What's included:

2 Live online sessions (October 2nd + November 13th @ 6:30 pm)

1 in person strength session to go over movement patterns + form on October 22nd

8 week strength program

4 week menu plan

7 modules of in-depth information delivered on a weekly basis.

Online community experience

The strength program, menu plan and in person session are valued at $1000!


Early Bird $350 + HST until August 15th

Regular rate: $495 + HST

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