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because getting to the finish line isn't always a solo mission.



Phaedra Kennedy is a competitive age group triathlete and runner with more that 20 years of running experience and more than 10 years of triathlon experience. She's also an NAASFP-certified run coach, an NCCP-trained triathlon coach and a Can Fit Pro-certified personal training specialist. Phaedra has been coaching people to reach their running and triathlon goals since 2014. Click below to learn more about Phaedra's background and training philosophies.

How PK Can Help You

Working toward an athletic goal is both incredibly satisfying and incredibly challenging. It can also be an isolating experience, without someone to help you train smarter and more efficiently, to be there with you every step of the way. Phaedra offers custom and semi-custom packages for both triathlon and run training, as well as winter training camps in Clermont, Florida.

For more information about training packages, click through for the breakdown of services offered.

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